Recruiting: San Francisco LB will visit Norman

The latest on San Francisco linebacker Pasha Jackson


JH: Are you in the playoffs yet?

PJ: We are one game away from being the conference champion. We won our last game 48-9 over Chabot College and we are on the road at San Jose City College next. I played pretty well. I had eight tackles and one sack. We didn't blitz particularly that much in the game, but I did do it a little bit and I covered in pass coverage most of the game. We ran a lot of zone so I was in the flats and dropping over the middle. Then, when they motioned to an empty backfield I was in man coverage and I did well. I am a very versatile style of linebacker, and I can do a lot.

JH: How many visits have you taken at this point?

PJ: I have taken one visit to USC. This weekend I am going to Missouri and then to Oklahoma. After that I will take a trip to Arizona and then to South Carolina.

JH: I understand Texas is now trying to get into the picture with you?

PJ: Texas was trying to get me to visit, but I have not talked to them directly. I got a message from them saying they want me to visit, but the way I look at it if they are calling me this late then they are not really that interested. It's not like colleges don't know about me, so if a team is trying to get into the picture this late then it's too late, because I already have the colleges I want to visit.

JH: Where does Oklahoma stand with you at this point?

PJ: Oklahoma is in great shape with me. I really like Oklahoma and I am just hoping my visit there is as good as I think it is going to be.

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