HOOPS: RECRUITING: Hairston still visiting Norman?

Detroit, Mich. guard and McDonald's All-American Malik Hairston talks about his final visit plans and his interest in Oklahoma.

Malik Hairston, 6'5, G, Detroit, Mich. (Renaissance HS):

JH: You recently played in the Jordan Classic, so how did that go for you?

MH: "I think it went really well for me. I was able to get into a flow in the game and the game was competitive. I finished with 23 points, eight rebounds and five assists."

JH: Were you the best player in the game?

MH: "In many ways I think I was. Dwight Howard played in the game, but I probably had a better game than him. I know many people came up to me and told me that I was the best player in the game."

JH: Are you going to visit Oklahoma?

MH: "I am going to visit both Oregon and Oklahoma. I feel I need to visit both schools to see what they are about. I am not really fired up about the visits, but don't take that wrong. It is just that recruiting is beginning to drag for me and on my three previous visits everything was about the same. I don't expect things to be any different at Oregon or Oklahoma.

"Sure, each University has something unique to it, but for the most part they are all great programs with solid academics. Each basketball program has something a little unique to it, but it doesn't take long to see that. I plan to only go to both schools for one day, because I want to get right to it and get it over with. I don't need the full 48 hours, because I can see what I need to see and hear what I need to hear in a 24 hour period."

JH: In what order are you going to visit Oregon and Oklahoma?

MH: "I am going to Oregon this weekend and then to Oklahoma the next."

JH: "Considering that Oregon and Oklahoma are only going to get one day visits while Ohio State, UCLA and Kansas all got full weekends, are you saying that you could still sign with and Oklahoma or Oregon at this late date despite the short visit?

MH: "It is very possible. I am only going for one day, because I already know so much about both programs and already understand recruiting so well. I am looking for the best situation for me and I will be able to tell that in that short of time. I could sign with either one of those schools, definitely."

JH: Do you have a favorite right now?

MH: "No, I don't."

JH: So you are saying that you are wide open at this time?

MH: "Yes, definitely I am still wide open."

JH: Are you aware that OU has lost a starting guard who has decided to transfer?

MH: "Yes, I know that De'Angelo Alexander is leaving the program, but that doesn't make any difference to me. It wouldn't make any difference if he was there or not. That is not going to influence my decision."

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