RECRUITING: California LB to visit Norman

San Francisco, Calif. LB Lance Mitchell talks about his trip to Washington and his upcoming plans


JH: You guys rolled in your last game.

LM: I played well, but I only played the first half. I had eight or nine tackles in the first half and then had a chance to watch the rest of my teammates in the second half.

JH: What is going on in recruiting?

LM: I just got off the phone with Texas. I have decided to take a trip to Texas, but I don't actually have a date this week. It all depends on our bowl situation, because if we win we will have two more games left.

JH: If I remember correctly Texas is just now getting into the recruiting picture with you, so do the schools that have been showing a great interest in you longer have a better chance to sign you?

LM: I appreciate those schools a little bit more that have been recruiting me all along. However, this is like a business and you have to approach it that way. I have been talking to Texas for a pretty good time now, maybe not as long as some schools, but long enough to realize I need to give them a shot.

JH: How did your visit to Washington go?

LM: It went alright. I liked the atmosphere of the game, the students and the coaches. Of course the players and coaches are cool. I was impressed with Washington and there will be three of my former teammates there as well. However, that really doesn't play a big factor on whether I will go to school there or not. Maybe a little factor but not much.

JH: You are visiting OU this weekend, are you looking forward to it?

LM: Oklahoma. I don't know, I guess I am getting ready to find out. I know they are in hot pursuit of that National Championship. That is a big factor for me. I love the fact they are winning and winning big. Bob Stoops and Coach (Brent) Venables have it going and going well.

JH: Oklahoma needs linebackers on defense, but they have everything else to contend for another national title next year. How does that play on your decision?

LM: That plays a big role. That would put me on the spot and I want that. I would have to play well and play great, because OU would be right in the middle of the National Championship hunt again next year. I have kind of gone through some of that the last two years here and I like that kind of atmosphere where you have to play well, because the team is so good.

JH: How many visits do you have left after Oklahoma this weekend?

LM: I will have two visits left and I am going to Texas and Florida.

JH: Which schools have the best opportunity for you to play early and win?

LM: I would say Washington and Oklahoma, however I haven't seen Texas and Florida in person.

JH: Some schools work better with junior college linebackers better than others, what kind of role will that play in your decision?

LM: That plays a really big role. Of course I believe that every school is going to work with you. If I choose that school it will be because I believe that they are good coaches and can make me a better player.

JH: Do you have a favorite right now?

LM: No, I don't.

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