RECRUITING: Jackson headed to Norman for visit

The latest on San Francisco linebacker Pasha Jackson's status and visit to Missouri


JH: How are you guys doing in the playoffs?

PJ: We beat San Jose City College 52-7. We are now playing the Northern California championship against Fresno City College. We played them last year for the same championship and we won that game. I only played the first half and in the first half I had six sacks, eight tackles and four tackles for losses. Lance (Mitchell) had probably the same amount of tackles that I did.

JH: How did you visit go this weekend?

PJ: I visited Missouri this weekend while Lance visited Washington. We were both supposed to go to South Carolina last weekend, but we had some scheduling problems and had to split up. We have an old teammate at Missouri (Ronald Jones) and the visit gave me a chance to check up with him and we have a couple of guys at Washington that Lance got to catch up with.

JH: What did you think of Missouri?

PJ: It was pretty swell. I went there at a weird time, because their students get a week off for Thanksgiving and nobody was on campus. However, that gave me a great time to sit down and spend a lot of time with their coaches and learn a lot about their program. My visit was a little shorter than most. I think their program is up and coming. I think that Coach (Gary) Pinkle is doing what is doing what he needs to to make Missouri a contender in the future. He has the right staff in place, has the support that he needs and seems to be putting everything in order for winning in the future.

JH: Missouri is rebuilding once again, while OU is rocking. Compare the two schools.

PJ: It's a different type of schools. They have two difference types of opportunities. At one school I have an opportunity to have an immediate impact and play a big role in their rebuilding effort. At Oklahoma I also have an opportunity to play, but for a program that is going to win right away. I will be more of a piece to the puzzle than and the key like I would at Missouri.

JH: Are you looking forward to your visit to OU this weekend?

PJ: I am really looking forward to it. Coach (Brent) Venables and I have been talking about the program and he has really grabbed my interest. He has been a great coach to deal with and talk and I have a big interest in OU. I can't wait until I get to OU, because I really want to check them out. I have a great interest in OU.

I will still take my final visits to Arizona (12-9) and South Carolina (12-15), because it wouldn't be right to them to not take my visits no matter how much I liked Oklahoma. I guess if everything was just perfect at OU then I could change my mind, but I still think that I will check out the final two schools.

JH: Will Mitchell and you be going to Norman together?

PJ: We should both be catching the same flight to OU. However, I don't think Lance is going to Arizona or South Carolina with me.

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