RECRUITING: Illinois TE taking summer trip to OU?

Wheaton, Ill. tight end Anthony Moeaki talks about his summer plans and interest in Oklahoma.


The tight end is still one of the most athletic and versatile players on the team and Anthony Moeaki fits that mold perfectly. Considered one of the best players in the country, Moeaki is regarded as one of the top tight ends in the country.

Moeaki, who will be a four-year starter this fall, started as a freshman at linebacker. Before the start of his sophomore year Moeaki moved over to tight end where he has started ever since.

"My coach didn't want me to play on defense the last two years, but this year I am going to play outside linebacker and I am looking forward to it," said Moeaki.

"I like playing tight end because you have to be a complete player to play the position. You have to be a great blocker to get out on those defensive ends and linebackers, and many times you find yourself on an offensive lineman. Yet, I have to be fast and quick enough to split out when I need to and get into the passing game. "More and more offenses are putting more offense for the tight end as well and we are becoming more of an integr gal part of the offense."

Moeaki caught 23 passes for 405 yards and three touchdowns a year ago. His sophomore year he played with a cast on his arm and that limited him to only nine catches that year.

Moeaki has participated at the Illinois summer camp the last two years, but he doesn't plan to attend any camps this summer because of school basketball activity.

Moeaki can bench 300 pounds, squats 450 and he has a 38-inch vertical jump. Moeaki attended spring practice at Iowa, Notre Dame, Illinois, Wisconsin, BYU and Purdue. Moeaki already has 18 to 19 as LSU sent their offer to him today.

"I really don't have a favorite. I am just taking it all in," said Moeaki. "I hope to take some unofficial visits this summer to check out some of the schools I like. I want to try to get to LSU, USC, UCLA, Oklahoma and then some schools around my area.

"I like Oklahoma a lot because it seems they get good recruits every year and they finish in the top five in the country every year. I hear they are doing a lot more with their tight end now in their offense. Every school I am talking to I want to know how much they use their tight end in their offense."

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