RECRUITING: Tennessee WR has OU in top five

Madison, Tenn. wide receiver Patrick Turner has the size and speed that has college coaches drooling.


In the age of the big wide receiver there might not be a better one than Patrick Turner. Blessed with great size and speed, Turner is regarded a superstar in the making.

Turner earned playing time as a freshman, and by the time the playoffs rolled around he was in the starting lineup. He has been a fixture in that lineup ever since catching 53 passes for 953 yards and 12 touchdowns last season. As a sophomore, he hauled in 53 passes for 1,033 and 14 touchdowns despite being double and triple teamed. Turner will add kick-off return duties to his resume this year.

"I like the competition a lot and I like going up to get the ball," said Turner. "My size really helps me when I go up to the get the ball because I am able to use my body as a shield many times to keep the defender off of me."

Turner can bench 275 pounds, squats 415 and he has a 31-inch vertical jump. Before his sophomore year he attended the University of Tennessee summer camp. This summer he hopes on at least one unofficial visit and he is going to workout a lot with Corey Harris (S) who plays for the Detroit Lions.

Turner has been offered by just about everybody in college football and his biggest problem is going to be narrowing down his decision.

"My top five right now are Miami, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida and Florida. I am looking for the best possible situation for me, an offense that utilizes the pass quite a bit and a team that has a great coaching staff.

"Oklahoma does throw the ball a lot and I really think the coaches are real cool. I think Coach (Darrell) Wyatt is great and I feel real comfortable around him. Oklahoma is the big sports program in the state because they don't have a lot of pro sports in the area, so the Sooners are the big deal in state. The prestige of the program is tremendous.

"Tennessee has always been a school that I have liked and I have always followed. I am willing to leave the state as it all depends which school is best for me. It would be nice to leave the state, meet new people and experience a different part of the country."

Turner is qualified.

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