RECRUITING: Memphis LB looking for early PT

Memphis, Tenn. linebacker Todd Cox give his early lists of schools. Did the Sooners make the cut?


Todd Cox is an unbelievable athlete that many college coaches say is the best defensive player in the country. I didn't say best linebacker, but best defensive player in the country.

This is even more interesting when you consider that he doesn't have the size yet that you see out of most highly thought of linebackers, but he certainly has much better speed than is normally seen in top five linebacker prospects.

"Most of the time I try to take the offensive player inside, then I go outside and I can get around him," said Cox. "Because of my speed and quickness I don't have to take on a lot of offensive linemen and fullbacks. Most of the time I just go around them."

Cox is going to be a rare five-year starter starting as an eight grader at fullback and linebacker. Starting in his freshman year he moved to running back and coupled those duties at linebacker. Last season Cox rushed 950 yards on 80 carries and ten touchdowns and he added 73 yards receiving and one touchdown. Cox also returned punts and kicks leading the state of Tennessee in both categories. Cox moved to free safety some as a junior, but will be back at linebacker next year.

Cox can bench 235 pounds, squats 400 and he has a 32 1/2 vertical jump. Cox attended a Memphis spring practice recently and he isn't sure if he will attend any camps this summer. Cox hopes to make it up to Tennessee and Memphis for one day this summer. He has over 20 offers at this point and he is already trying to narrow down his choices.

"I still like them all right now, "said Cox. "I don't have a top five yet. I am talking to Miami, Tennessee, USC, Oklahoma, North Carolina State, Arkansas, Michigan, Florida State, Florida and Notre Dame."

As Cox looks around Oklahoma is one of the schools that he is trying to find out more information about.

"I like Oklahoma, but I don't know much about them," said Cox. "I know they stunt a lot on defense, but that is about it. I am going to look for a team where I can play right away and I want to find a defense where my skills can fit in with. That would be a defense that likes to blitz and stunt a lot."

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