RECRUITING: Bookout decision could come Wednesday

The latest on talented 6-9 Stroud basketball standout Kevin Bookout. Will he sign early or wait?

Kevin Bookout has decided to sleep on it for tonight. He has talked with Oklahoma and I have not been able to confirm whether he has talked to OSU tonight or not. I would bet that he has, but at the time I talked with Kevin OSU had just finished playing against Sienna tonight.

Bookout says that he still might sign on Wednesday, but he is still thinking about waiting until the spring signing period. He says that he is still leaning to OU, but that he wanted to go to bed tonight and pray about it.

He is coming to Norman on Wednesday with his brother Kyle, who is getting his car worked on. Kevin said that he planned to stop by the OU basketball office to further talk over the situation with the OU coaches.

It's obvious that Bookout is still leaning to OU, but it is also apparent that there is something about the situation that bugs him. Maybe it is just a like for the OSU program. I know that OSU officials are very confident he is going to sign with them. There has to be a reason for that. That reason has to be that Kevin is giving OSU an indication that he will sign with them.

However, OU is in his blood and he knows that he will be loved at OU forever if he signs with the Sooners. He does worry about the lack of fan support at OU and he does believe that basketball is more important to OSU than OU.

However, he has told recent OU signee DeAngelo Alexander that he will sign with OU and those two have always wanted to play together in college. Plus, Kevin has always wanted to play at OU.

All things point OU's way, but there is something that only Kevin knows that is keeping him from signing on the dotted line tonight.

Hopefully for all Sooner fans, a good nights sleep will take away any negative thoughts Kevin might have about OU and on Wednesday he puts this process to rest and signs with the Sooners.

Wednesday is the final day of the fall signing period.

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