Miles and OSU players on Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Head Coach Les Miles and serveral OSU players comments talked about OU Monday in Stillwater

Oklahoma State Head Coach Les Miles on starting true freshman quarterback Josh Fields at OU
Fields has come off the bench and performed in some tough environments this year like Texas A&M. The Oklahoma defense is the best defense that we have seen on film. They will test anybody we stick in there at quarterback. There are many factors that will play into deciding who will get the

Miles on the bedlam rivalry
There is a real responsibility as a coach to make sure your players can get to the field. You know they are going to play hard. It is a very important game for everybody involved.

Miles on Oklahoma's defense
They are very mobile and aggressive. Both backers come to the line of scrimmage, which is what you have to do. On the perimeter they have players who can tackle wide receivers and running backs. They are very sound and solid. They are easily the best defense that we have seen.

Miles on Oklahoma safety Roy Williams
He is a physical, gifted athlete. He is a sure tackler, which is what you want.

Last weeks Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week Darrent Williams on playing OU
I know how good they are. I have not seen much film on them, but I have watched a couple of games on television and I watched them play last year. They are No. 3 in the BCS so this will be our bowl game. I am getting excited.

OSU offensive lineman Jeff Machado on finishing the season against Oklahoma
We are disappointed that we will not go to a bowl game this year, but Coach Gundy said it perfectly by saying we have a game each week that is just as big as a bowl. A bowl game is just one extra game where you get to go somewhere and you get to play a good team. There is no question that we are going to go down and play a great team and it will probably be more fun than any bowl you could ever go to. This is our bowl game and we are going to prepare and have some fun.

OSU linebacker Terrance Robinson on Oklahoma's offense
Oklahoma is very similar to Texas Tech offensively. They have very talented players and we think we will be able to stop those key players.

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