RECRUITING: Jackson enjoys visit to Norman

Junior college linebacker Pasha Jackson talks about his trip to Norman this weekend


JH: How was your trip to OU?

PJ: The trip was excellent, even though they had a tough game. The chemistry between players and coaches was excellent. I loved everything about the trip, except for the game, because I was wanting Oklahoma to win. I really enjoyed watching Coach (Brent) Venables because he is a very intense, positive guy and I like that. I could tell he is a great coach, which means a lot to me, because I will be spending most of my time with him.

JH: Did Lance like the trip as well?

PJ: Lance and I talked about the trip all the way back on the plane. He had nothing but positive things to say about OU as well. We both feel that we both can see nothing but positives about both us going to OU.

JH: Did you almost commit to OU on the trip?

PJ: OU made committing more tempting that any other visit thus far. We were close to committing, but I feel I need to take my other visits so that I know for sure who my best school is going to be. I am not committing, but OU is looking pretty good. Without question they are the best school that we have visited thus far.

JH: What did you think of the OU defense?

PJ: I like OU's defense. I feel I would fit in at the SLB position when they are in their standard defense, but I can also play in their nickel. Because I can play in the nickel and have a linebacker type body on the field, that would help their run support, which is important in a conference like the Big 12. It would enhance the defense, because I am a bigger and stronger player, yet I can easily help in pass coverage.

JH: What did you think of Norman?

PJ: A lot of my people are from Louisiana and the surrounding area, so I know about that part of the country. Granted, Norman is not like Los Angeles, but it is not small town either. You can have a lot of fun in Norman and have a good quality of life. The people are real down to earth and are very nice. When Lance and I went to your radio show the people were so down to earth that it touched us, because they were so kind to two total strangers. I could easily live in Norman.

JH: What is up next for you in recruiting?

PJ: I am going to visit my next two schools, which are Arizona and South Carolina, but going into those visits OU is way out in front.

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