The latest on six-foot-seven Stroud power forward Kevin Bookout


There is still nothing official to report on whether Bookout signed with OU or not. Bookout told me tonight he will make an official statement on the subject Wednesday or Thursday.

Here are my thoughts from what I have been able to gather as facts.

1) I have no doubts that Bookout is going to be a Sooner. The question is in which sport — basketball or track — or both? I believe that Bookout has singed with the OU basketball program, but what I don't know is if OU has turned in the papers or not.

2) The reason that I am not sure if the papers are in or not is because Bookout is struggling with the question of just competing in track or playing both basketball and track in college. Plus, there has been no official announcement. If OU never turns in the papers, then it is just like he didn't sign.

3) If Bookout just decides to pursue track and field at OU then he needs to sign a scholarship with the OU track program, because you must participate with the program you sign with your freshman season. If he is going to play both sports at OU then OU hoops will turn in those scholarship papers if they can, or they will resign him in the spring.

4) The U.S.A. Olympic committee is putting a lot of pressure on Bookout to just compete in track and field. They don't care if he goes to OU or not, but they want him to just concentrate on the shot and discus. They certainly have Bookout's ear at the moment. However, he has told the OU basketball coaches several times over the past few days that he wants to play basketball and then he talks to U.S.A. Track and gets confused.

5) I believe when this is all said and done that Bookout will play both sports at OU. It may mean that he has to resign with OU hoops again in the spring, but then again maybe the fact he has already signed in the fall will count in some way. So, this isn't totally in the books yet, except that I know Bookout is going to OU. I just don't know if it is to play both basketball and track-and-field or just participate in track.

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