RECRUITING: Juco LB says OU will be tough to beat

The latest on San Francisco junior college linebacker Lance Mitchell's visit to Norman


JH: How did your visit to OU this weekend go?

LM: Oklahoma was real good and I had a great time. Oklahoma has a need for linebackers and that is important to me. The people were great and the town was super. Being from LA, many people told me that I wouldn't like a small town like Norman, but that wasn't true. Norman seems to be a great town and a great town that I could live in. My host was Roy Williams and he is a great guy. He showed us a little Cali love!

JH: What did you think of the OU defense?

LM: I loved the defensive scheme. I loved the people that were on the field that would be back if I went to Oklahoma. I liked the coaches and how they went about their business. I think I would fit in real well with them.

JH: What did you think of the way OU plays it's middle linebacker?

LM: It is designed for that player in the middle to make the plays. Either you do or you don't, but you have every opportunity to make the plays.

JH: Roy Williams was the host, how did you enjoy our visit with him?

LM: Roy was pretty depressed about the game, but I was pretty mad to. We went to a party that night and just hung out. We didn't do all that much, but we had a great time, because he was such a great guy and all the players we met were super. Roy is a super person and so are the rest of the guys as well.

JH: Did you come close to committing to OU?

LM: I promised my mom I wouldn't commit and I didn't, but I really enjoyed the visit. However, if signing day was tomorrow I would sign with OU. OU is out in front of the schools that I have visited thus far. I was supposed to visit Texas this weekend, but that changed, because they will play for the Big 12 title. However, I don't know if I am going to visit Texas or not, because I am finding out they have a lot more depth and commitments than they have been telling me about. I will visit Florida on December 14th.

JH: What did you think of the game?

LM: Being a fellow football player I can tell when the better team isn't winning. That is what happened Saturday. The offense never really got it going and that happens sometimes. You can't leave your defense on the field for the whole game. If OU played them 10 times I am not sure OU wouldn't win the next ten. I my opinion, OU played a bunch of cheerleaders and lost, but it won't happen again.

JH: What did you think of the atmosphere?

LM: It's was great and I would love to play in front of that.

JH: Would it take a super visit from one of the teams ahead for you not to come to OU?

LM: I am a shy guy, yet I had so much fun there. The people were just so nice to me and made me relax and be myself. That is so important to me and OU has that naturally. can't see anybody beating OU at this point.

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