RECRUITING: Is Walker OU's top athlete prospect?

Will the Sooners give Pflugerville, Texas athlete Todd Walker a chance to play Quarterback?

Todd Walker, QB/ATH, 6-1, 174, 4.33 PFLUGERVILLE, TEXAS:

JH: Has all the recruiting attention changed how people perceive you around town?

TW: "I don't think people around the town know about all the national attention, but I do have people come up to me that I don't even know and want to meet me and things. I guess my name is out there a little bit more and they see my picture on the internet. So from that standpoint, things are a little different."

JH: What are you going to be doing this summer?

TW: "Mostly I am going to be participating in seven-on-seven, conditioning and just trying to get better. Next week we start what we call our boot camp and I am just conditioning this week trying to get ready for that."

JH: What schools have you been to unofficially this summer?

TW: "I have been to Texas A&M, Texas and I am going to Georgia Tech this Friday. I don't know if I can make it up to any other schools this summer."

JH: How many schools have offered you?

TW: "I know it is over 20, but I am not sure exactly how many at this point."

JH: Do you still want to play quarterback in college?

TW: "I want to be a quarterback in college. If it doesn't work out then it will be fun playing another position. If I go to some school where they really need me at another position and I can get on the field right away, then I wouldn't object to moving."

JH: What kind of offense are you looking to play in?

TW: "I am looking for an offense that uses the quarterback that will run the ball. I want a balanced offense, but I want an offense that will take advantage of the quarterback run game."

JH: Have you narrowed down your recruiting choices at this point?

TW: "No, I have not narrowed anything down at this point. I couldn't even name a top five or seven."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

TW: "They are national championship contenders every year. You talk about a school where if I didn't play quarterback, then it would be a great to play wide receiver. Oklahoma just has a magical name to it. You just say the name Oklahoma and it sounds great."

JH: Is Oklahoma going to be a school that is among your final choices and a school that you will seriously consider signing with?

TW: "Yes, definitely."

JH: Would you prefer to stay in the state of Texas and go to college?

TW: "I have no preference. My brother plays at Purdue and he loves it up there. That is best for him and if I feel that a school out of state is best for me then I will go out of state."

JH: When will you start to narrow down your choices?

TW: "I will narrow things down before the season. I wanted to make my decision before the season, but I didn't know it was going to be this difficult. I will get it down to three to five schools before my season starts. I will probably only take three visits because I am graduating in December, so I won't have as much time to take visits. I will need to get busy and narrow my choices down so that I can make a good decision."

JH: Are most of the schools talking to you about playing quarterback and what position are the Sooners recruiting you to play?

TW: "There are some schools that are talking to me about playing quarterback, and that is it. And then there are some schools that are talking to me about playing other positions. Oklahoma said that they would give me a shot at quarterback if that is what I want, then if that didn't work out I would move to another position. They have told me that I am the top athlete on their recruiting board."

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