RECRUITING: Killeen DT picks OU over Texas

Killeen, Texas defensive tackle Roy Miller talks about his game and the influence former Sooner Tommie Harris had on his decision.

It only took a few days for Killeen, Texas defensive tackle Roy Miller to forget about Texas.

In fact, two days after returning from a trip to the Longhorns' summer football camp, the 6-foot-2, 295 pounder made the decision he was expected to make before the camp when committed to the Sooners on Thursday.

Below is a Q&A with the Sooners's latest commitment.

JH: Roy, congratulations on your commitment to OU.

RM: "Thank you very much."

JH: So, you have totally committed to OU and will not be visiting any other school?

RM: "Yes sir, that is correct. I am an Oklahoma Sooner. Boomer Sooner!"

JH: You and I talked last week and said you wanted to wait until Monday, but you decided to announce today. What sped up the process?

RM: "I knew where I wanted to go and I wanted to wait until next week, but the word had got out where I wanted to go. I was receiving a bunch of phone calls and everything with people asking me if I was ready to commit, and since I knew where I wanted to go I decided to go ahead and announce my decision. Since I knew where I wanted to go anyway I didn't want to waste any time, especially when it was Oklahoma. I am very happy with my decision."

JH: What was the basis behind the decision?

RM: "What really sold me was the love for the football team at Oklahoma. The Oklahoma fans are incredible. I went up there to watch them play Baylor and I can see that the whole community comes out to watch their football team. Oklahoma is a great program with great coaches and it appears to be a great place to be. Norman is not a big city, but that is a good thing."

JH: I know that you are good friends with Tommie Harris, isn't that correct?

RM: "Yeah, we are good friends. I think a lot of Tommie and he has always said great things about OU. He did not try to influence me to OU, but there was no question what he loved OU. He guided me through the recruiting process and taught me what to look for in a college. The fact that he was happy at OU helped me make my decision. He really wanted me to wait and check out everything, but I didn't want to do that. I don't like playing games and I just want to focus on my season and get better. I wanted to go ahead and announce so I can just concentrate on football."

JH: Who did your final decision come down to? What other schools were involved?

RM: "Texas offered me today. They called me today and tried to talk me into waiting, but I knew where I wanted to go. I guess you could say UT, UCLA, Arizona and Arkansas were involved."

JH: What is your style of play?

RM: "Strength is a big part of my game, but I am pretty agile for my size. I can move side-to-side and my first step is pretty fast. I am very explosive off the ball and I can catch the guard off balance and just bull him over. I have good pass rush moves and I know how to use them efficiently. I have a great defensive line coach at my high school."

JH: Are you looking forward to working with Jackie Shipp?

RM: "I am looking forward to it. He is real cool. Tommie says good things about him and tells me things about him. He says that he is a hard coach and that he will push me, but he will make me a better player. Tommie says he is going to get after me about my academics and that is a good thing."

JH: Are you looking forward to playing in Oklahoma attack defense?

JH: "That will be great for me. The last two years I have played inside and just took on blockers for my linebackers. I also took on a double-teams and that freed the other guys on our defense. At Oklahoma I like their set up as their D-linemen make plays and everybody gets their chance. The defensive tackles are just not out there to take on blockers and that is another reason why I chose Oklahoma."

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