RECRUITING: Dibbles still has OU in top three

But what does the Lonestar State's top-ranked player think about OU's defense?


JH: Have you started participating in another sport yet?

LD: I am relaxing and giving my body a break. My next sports is track and I will throw the shot and discus. I don't run in the sprints, because I like to work on my strength.

JH: Have you set any visits at this time?

LD: I am working five visits, but I am still trying to set them up. I am looking at the same schools in Oklahoma, Texas and Notre Dame. I will take two other visits, but I am not sure where they will be at this time.

JH: Now that you are concentrating on recruiting, what has changed about your approach?

LD: It is about time to let the coaches know if I am absolutely positive that I am going to visit. I have only told two or three colleges so far and it has been that hard. It is not a personal deal, but we take a business-like approach and colleges understand that.

JH: Are your conversations with the coaches any different now that you are ready to take visits?

LD: It's not really any different. The schools that I told probably knew that I wasn't going to visit there. It's just time to get serious about recruiting. My family has an idea where I want to go and where I am interested in and it's time to get serious and try to make a decision.

JH: You have watched Oklahoma all year, so what is your thoughts about how they play defense?

LD: I really like Oklahoma's defense. First, they really chase the ball well and really play hard. The defense is designed so that everybody is making plays and that is the way I feel a defense should play.

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