RECRUITING: Lonestar State's top OL sets visit

The latest on Plano, Texas offensive lineman Justin Blalock


JH: How does it feel to be called the best prep offensive lineman in Texas?

JB: It's humbling, but it really doesn't mean a whole lot on the field. It's a great honor to be called the best at something and I appreciate it, but it again doesn't mean much during a game. Especially since I am an offensive lineman, it really doesn't draw any extra attention for me during the game. Maybe a little extra small talk, but nothing else.

JH: Have you set any visits at this time?

JB: I am going to Michigan (12-1), Oklahoma (12-7), Texas (12-14), Florida (1-11) and Nebraska (1-25). Potentially, my recruiting process is going to last a while, but if I find a school that is just right for me or is really nice before I get to the final visits I would go ahead and commit.

JH: Now, that recruiting is your sole focused has it changed your perception of it?

JB: I am just trying to get through recruiting. I don't have a leader and I am pretty open with those five schools. I have seen Texas, Oklahoma and Michigan so I guess I know a little more about those three schools.

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