RECRUITING: Sooners lead for Phoenix fullback?

Phoenix, Ariz. fullback Matt Clapp names a leader and talks about his game and recent visit to Norman for the Oklahoma summer football camp.


Many schools are once again looking for a fullback to key their running game in the backfield, and Matt Clapp is fast becoming one of the top fullback prospects in the country. Clapp goes into his senior season a three-year starter going both ways at fullback and linebacker.

"Actually, those two positions go together," said Clapp. "At both positions you are hitting somebody on every play. At our school I get the ball 15 to 20 times a game and I am right in the middle of our offense. I like playing fullback because I get to run over guys and I love being a physical football player anyway."

Matt can bench 315 pounds, squats 525 and he has a 29-inch vertical jump. Clapp runs the 100M (11.38 ), 200M (23.6) and the 4X100 (first leg) in track.

Clapp just returned from the Oklahoma camp and he went to the Arizona State camp the week before that. He also plans to attend the Arizona and Ohio State camps this summer. Before going to the camps, Clapp did not have a scholarship offer, but shortly after returning from Norman he received his first offer.

"Oklahoma offered me following their camp," said Clapp. "I thought it was just awesome when Oklahoma offered me. I love everything about Oklahoma. I love the campus, the facilities, the football program and I thought the football coaches were very nice. Arizona State was nice and the campus is always nice. I thought the coaches were great and they were pretty fun. I like Oklahoma a lot and they are my No. 1 choice right now. At this point I still want to keep my options open."

Oklahoma is still the only offer for Clapp at this time.

"I am really going to look hard at the education part of the college I choose," said Clapp. "The coaching staff and chemistry of the football team is important, and campus life is important. The education aspects are what I am really looking forward to."

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