RECRUITING: Kentucky OL waiting for OU's offer

Murray, Ky. offensive lineman Cory Zirbel talks about his game and interest in Oklahoma.


Cory Zirbel is another tremendous offensive tackle that will have his pick of schools. Recently, Zirbel attended the Miami summer camp and was rated the top offensive lineman at the camp.

"It is neat all the attention that I am getting," said Zirbel. "People from all over the country are beginning to put my name with a picture and things and that is pretty neat. At times it is a little old hat because I get so many calls, but I also realize that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. When the coaches could call as well it seemed like I was getting five to six calls a night and that got a little old. It is also pretty neat to have so many people care about what you think."

Zirbel is a rare four-year starter earning the start at tight end his freshman year before moving to offensive tackle his sophomore year. Zirbel was pretty big as a freshman weighing in at 260 pounds. He benches 375 pounds, squats 545 and he has a vertical jump of 27-1/2 inches.

Zirbel graded out at a 93 percent blocking average last year. Zirbel has been to the Miami camp and he is heading to Michigan this weekend. He also hopes to go to Ohio State later this summer for a one-day camp, and sometime this summer wants to make it up to Wisconsin and Minnesota to just look around.

Zirbel has been offered by 26 different schools and most of the elite teams in the country are in that mix.

"Michigan and Miami are my top two teams right now," said Zirbel. "I picked up an offer at Miami this past weekend. The papers came in the mail today. I would say that Ohio State is my third school, but I really like Miami right now. I liked the town that it is in and just liked the atmosphere of the school. I also like Michigan. They have a great atmosphere surrounding their program and they have everything you are looking for in a program.

"Oklahoma has been in my top five all along, but they really haven't done anything recruiting wise so I am not sure what they are thinking at this point. I don't know what their interest is in me, but if they get interested in me they would jump right into my top three.

"That is basically what happened with Miami, because they didn't show me much interest either then at their camp they liked what they saw and they offered me. I hope Oklahoma gives me a look, because I do like them a great deal."

Zirbel has qualified.

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