RECRUITING: Twin OL's getting interest from OU

Edmond North OL prospects Ben and Joe Barresi's summer camp tour has their stock on the upswing. Could an offer from Oklahoma be coming soon?


The Barresi brothers, Ben and Joe, have been well-known for a couple of years, but they didn't really become hot prospects until this summer.

Always blessed with size (Joe 6'6, 305, 5.4), the Barresi brothers were both considered unpolished and in many ways unproven heading into the summer camp season. However, at the camps Ben Barresi has certainly proven that he can play D-1 football and Joe Barresi is certainly drawing more looks as well.

"I approached each camp like it was for a championship," said Ben Barresi. "I looked at it as if I didn't play well on each play then we were going to lose. I went to camp to get better, but I went in with a purpose.

"My parents hired a personal trainer named Marcus Bivins (former OU track athlete and owner of Second Element Incorporated) to work on my speed and quickness. He took my game and my athletic ability to a whole other level.

When I started on the program I weighed 320 and he helped me get my weight down and get stronger at the same time. We worked on exercises designed specifically to help my speed and quickness. Without him, I would not have been able to do well at the camps.

"The college coaches have helped me and given me so much insight into how I can be a better offensive lineman. They also told me they can't believe how much better I have looked this summer. They say they can't believe how much quicker and stronger I am compared to what they saw on film last year.

"What is also neat about recruiting is all the great people I have met. I have got a chance to meet Craig Roark, Dain Wise and of course Reggie Smith at all these camps. Of course, Reggie lives right down the street from me so I see him quite a bit. That has been so great."

Ben and Joe both will be three-year starters this year. Ben starts offensive tackle and defensive end and Joe plays offensive guard and defensive tackle. Ben can bench 415, squats 600 and he posted a 24 inch vertical jump. Joe can bench 365 pounds despite a minor surgery on his shoulder. The shoulder has put Joe 10 months behind Ben on his workout schedule.

The Barresi brothers attended the Nike camp at Stanford and the brothers were named co-best offensive linemen of the camp. And it was that camp that served notice that the brothers had improved their stock. The brothers camped at OU and OSU as well. This weekend they both will attend the LSU camp.

Thanks to his great summer, Ben has received offers from Wyoming, Louisiana-Monroe and Oklahoma State. Joe has been offered by Wyoming and Louisiana-Monroe.

"I am really wide open and I really have no preferences even though my dad played at OU (John Barresi 1973-74)," said Ben. "I am loving this because I am seeing places I never dreamed I would see. I got a chance to see Kansas and Kansas State, and I never dreamed I would see Stanford. I am going to Louisiana this weekend and it is unbelievable to me that I am getting to do all this stuff.

"I think recruiting is great, but it is stressful because I have come to the realization that I am going to have to make a decision that will effect my life for the next four to five years, and for really the rest of my life."

Ben is considered a better prospect, but some schools have offered both and that is important at his time.

"Joe and I love each other very much and it has always been our dream to play together if at all possible," said Ben. "If that doesn't work out then we will have to cross that bridge at that time. We are going to try to do that if at all possible."

The Barresi brothers are now also considering OU.

"I am starting to warm to them and I think they are starting to warm to me," said Ben. "We talk to Coach Wilson all the time and he is a great guy. I enjoyed my camp time there and I always have a good time when I visit there. They seem to have more of an interest in me, and without question Oklahoma is one of the schools at the top of our list. We are going to go up there sometime next week and they are one of the schools that like's Joe as well."

The Barresi brothers have qualified.

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