RECRUITING: Five-star guard eliminates OU?

Dallas, Texas five-star guard C.J. Miles talks the hope of a package deal with his AAU teammate and about the reports that he has eliminated the Sooners.

A report in the Charlotte Observer on Monday stated coveted Oklahoma basketball recruit C.J. Miles had five favorites, but no mention of Oklahoma. This was interesting to us because Miles told us last week he had seven favorites, which included the Sooners. So we caught up with the Dallas Skyline star to talk about the recent reports.

"My top five is KU, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia Tech and Arizona," said Miles, who is currently attending the NBA Players summer camp in Richmond, Va. "But that is not really the true story. I really like seven schools and I have been saying that from the beginning, and that hasn't changed. It seems that most reporters don't want to print seven schools and they force me to narrow it down to five, so I just list five schools. I am still very interested in OU and UConn, but OU has more weight than UCONN because they are re so close to home."

So are you telling me that OU is not out of the picture for you and that you still could see yourself signing with the Sooners?

"Yes, sir. I could very well sign with OU," said Miles. "OU is very strong with me and I don't want to give the wrong impression. But that reporter just wanted five schools and he just took the first five that I mentioned off my top seven. I am still talking to seven schools and Oklahoma is one of those schools, and at this point I still have a very serious interest in OU."

OU still feels that they have a shot at Miles and the two sides still talk at least once a week. Miles plans on making an official visit to OU and he knows that he and Kevin Rogers both have offers to play at OU. Despite that earlier report, Miles says that he still hopes that he and Rogers can play together.

"I still hope we can make that happen," said Miles. "It may not be possible with all teams, but we have several teams, including OU, that say they will sign us both. That is still something that I would like to see happen."

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