RECRUITING: Minnesota TE is down to two schools

St. Paul, Minn. tight end Marcus Freeman talks about his visit to Norman last weekend


JH: You just got back from your visit to OU, what did you think?

MF: I liked it a lot. The atmosphere was real nice. I think Oklahoma would be a great school for anybody. Damien Mackey showed me around the first day and Gayron Allen the second. I took a tour of the campus and met with the academic advisor. I also went to the game against OSU and to a couple of parties.

JH: Was there anything about the visit that changed your perception of OU?

MF: The visit was basically everything that I expected. Oklahoma is a nice place. I thought enough of the visit to still feel that OU is one of my top choices. Coach (Jonathan) Hayes is a great coach and I know that I could improve a great deal working with him.

JH: What is next for you in recruiting?

MF: I go Notre Dame on December 7th. OU and Notre Dame are still my top two choices. I don't want to say that I have a leader at this point. I went to Notre Dame before on an unofficial visit and right now the programs are about even.

JH: There are all kinds of rumors about the job security of Notre Dame head Coach Bob Davie, does that effect your decision at all?

MF: I am going to concentrate on the school and not on rumors about the coach. I guess if Coach Davie lost his job in a couple of weeks, then that would change my mind a little bit.

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