Sooners still lead for Harris after OSU trip?

Garland, Texas guard Terrell Harris talks about his visit to Stillwater and when he'll make a decision.

Terrel Harris, G, 6-4, 180, SOUTH GARLAND, TEXAS:

JH: How did your visit go to OSU?

TH: "It went real good. I had a great time at OSU. I had a good time playing with the players and a lot of fans showed up at the pick-up games. I had a great conversation with both coaches, both Eddie and Sean. I liked the campus and just had a good time hanging out with the players. I think I bonded with the coaches very well. OSU is just a real good basketball program, and that is something I feel very good about."

JH: Did you come close to committing to the Cowboys?

TH: "No, I didn't come close to committing, but that is something you always think about when you leave a school that you just visited. I have learned that you can't commit on the visit. You have to come back to your home and let the smoke clear so that you can come back to your senses.

"On your visit, that team is always showing you what is best about their program and they are trying to get you to commit, but my family feels that you have to come home and think through things again and let things settle down so that you can get your true feelings on a school. I did like the visit, but I liked my time at OU as well. I would say that it is OU and OSU as my top two schools right now."

JH: What is your opinion of the Sooners at this point?

TH: "I still like Oklahoma a lot. They are still one of my top schools, but I have to sit back and determine which school is best for me. I am really torn between the two schools right now. I really want to play with Byron Eaton, who is a 5-10 point guard from Dallas (Lincoln HS) who visited around the same time I did. I like playing with him and he is on my Mustang team (AAU) in Dallas.

"I would like to play with (Drew) Lavender as well, so I am torn between the two.

"The difference is that I will only get a chance to play two years with Lavender, while Byron and I would be coming in together. The OSU coaches told me that they feel that they are close to getting a commitment from Byron."

JH: When do you think you can make a decision?

TH: "I was going to make it at the end of July, but that is coming up so fast and I know I can't make a decision. I hope to make it before the end of the summer. I really don't know what I want to do and I don't have to be in a rush."

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