Golf Update

OU's men's golf team building an NCAA power.

With freshman Anthony Kim being named the NCAA Freshman of the year and recently winning a prestigious Amateur tournament and qualifying for another, I tracked down OU Head Men's Golf Coach Jim Ragan to answer a previous question on the board about his current recruiting class, considered one of the very best in the country.

"It is a very good class, and it is kind of an unusual situation," said Coach Ragan. "They all came out of Odessa Junior College, a team that had an incredible amount of success this year. They won 14 golf tournaments as a team, and one of the guys who signed with us (Shaun LaFantane) won seven individual tournaments himself. Justin Fraley won five and then Nick Sheedy (sp) won one tournament.

"They all know how to win and they are all very competitive. Their team won the national championship, but what I really like about them is that they don't know how to do anything but win. With those kind of attitudes coming on campus, I think it will compliment the program real well this fall."

Kim also returns with fellow standout freshman Carlos Del Moral, who along with the three JUCO's form the type of team that will contend for Big 12 and national honors.

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