RECRUITING: Austin, Texas LB/RB will visit OU

Sooners hot on the trail of a speedy LB/RB recruit deep in the heart of Longhorn country

PAUL MOSELY, LB, 6'2 , 215, 4.48, AUSTIN ANDERSON, TEXAS: JH: How many schools have you heard from this week?

PM: I have heard from Mississippi State and Iowa. Oklahoma, Houston, Texas Tech have been calling pretty regularly now. I have received letters from Notre Dame, but I have still not talked to them on the phone.

JH: What coaches came by this week?

PM: So far, Coach Baylass from TCU and Coach Wright from Oklahoma have come by. Baylor also came by and I am supposed to have coaches from Houston and Texas A&M come by on Monday.

JH: It sounds like your recruiting is beginning to pick up, is that true?

PM: I am still pretty much open, but it is starting to get real crazy with the visits and phone calls. I am trying to set visits and trying to decide where I want to go. I am taking recruiting more seriously then I did at first. For instance, I really didn't know that much about Oklahoma, but now I am very serious about them. I don't really have a leader at this point, but I really like Nebraska, Baylor and TCU (12-14).

JH: How interested are in Oklahoma now?

PM: I am going to take one of my visits to Oklahoma, but they have just recently started to recruit me. The other three schools have been recruiting me longer. Oklahoma, at first was recruiting me as an athlete, but now say they want me as a running back. Everybody else is recruiting me as a running back.

JH: Is it safe to say that you are still wide open as far as your decision goes?

PM: I am pretty much wide open and I could wind up anywhere. I really don't have a favorite right now. I just need to find out where I can fit in at as far as a position and playing time at each school.

JH: What is your fastest time in the forty yard dash?

PM: I have run a 4.3 before, but normally I run in the 4.4's. I move pretty well for a guy my size and I think I can get faster.

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