Jones preparing to have monster senior season

Wide receiver Brandon Jones talks about his summer workouts, OU's receiving corp and the Sooners' chances to win it all in 2004. Jones caught 46 passes for 709 yards last season. (AP Photo/Jackson Laizure)

Wide receiver Brandon Jones made some headway as one of the top receivers in college football last season. And now that he skipped baseball this year to concentrate on football, the Sooner coaches feel that all will see another big jump from B.J. as one of the top receivers in the country.

Jones also knows that it is basically in a contract year and he has the pro's attention. Projected by many NFL Draft experts as at least a second round draft choice, Jones stands to make some good money if he can have a big senior year.

Jones is always a hard worker and found him following a recent 7-on-7 passing workout for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: Last year you made major strides during the summer and had you best year as a junior. Is it safe to say that you will have an even bigger senior year because you are really getting after it this summer?

BJ: "Yeah, I think that is right. It is hard come out here and work all summer, but I know that it is something that you have to do to get you ready for the season. I know coming out here in the summer and getting ready for the summer is not a big thin, because it is a must and expected of us. So, I have come to expect it as just a part of life.

"This time gets you through the whole season, and I am trying to make strides as a receiver. I am working on my routes and my hands, and I am doing everything I can do to get ready for the season next year."

JH: Now that you are a senior, isn't this summer program ingrained in your body and mind?

BJ: "Yeah, I come out here every day thinking this is my last workout ever. It is funny to think that I am a senior now, because the workouts aren't a bid deal to me. I don't sweat them. I know what has to be done and what we have to do to be successful, so it is not a big thing for me to come out here and work hard."

JH: I know that Coach Schmidt's running program is hard, but from what I understand you guys, as a team, are trying to raise the bar aren't you?

BJ: "Yes, sir. But nothing is worse that Coach Schmidt's running program. I know that is what I have to do right now to excel in my future, so I am getting ready for the future. I have been working hard and I am going to keep working hard this summer."

JH: You are bigger and stronger, so tell me what you are doing in the weight room?

BJ: "My God, it is crazy. Coach Schmidt puts the weight on there because he wants us to get as big as we can. I have him put as much as he can on there that I can handle. I lift with the linemen sometimes, so I do all I can do."

JH: So you let the linemen pace you in the weight room because you know they know how to lift weights?

BJ: "I try to let them pace me, and I try to work out with bigger guys. Coach Schmidt paces me and he lets me do all that I can do, but no more than I can do. In other words, he always knows the right amount to push me to the limit. He puts on the weight and it always is the amount that you can't do any more or any less with."

JH: How are the quarterbacks throwing the ball this summer?

BJ: "They are throwing the ball real well. We have the young guys in there and they are throwing the ball very well. Jason is looking great and he is out there working harder than all of us. They are doing real good out there."

JH: The Sporting News at one time said that OU had the No. 1 wide receiver class in the country and then changed their mind and went with Michigan. Will the Sooners be out to prove them wrong this year?

BJ: "That is something that we look forward to. I don't know what the deal with that is because I really feel that we have the best wide receiver core in the country. I guess we will see what happens this season."

JH: You seem to have a deep wide receiver core and all of you guys seem to get along, isn't that right?

BJ: "We all hang out, even people that play the same positions. We don't get mad at each other. On the field we are best friends and off the field we are best friends. There is not any selfishness out here. We are working together to be the best wide receive core we can be."

JH: You return so many starters off of last year's team. Don't you feel 2004 is a great opportunity to win a national title?

BJ: "Yeah, we had a big down fall last year and we are looking to go out and prove ourselves this year. We are all coming out here, including the big guys, knowing what we have to do to reach our goals. Everybody is coming together and everybody knows what to do."

JH: You go against that secondary every day, so how are they coming along?

BJ: "They are the best and every year they are the best. I always feel they are the best. We go against them every day and have some success, so that must make us the best. That is what makes the receivers so good every year."

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