RECRUITING: OU still on Top Texas RB's mind?

Gainesville, Texas running back Terrius Purvey update.


JH: How is your summer going?

TP: "I have been lifting four days a week at the fitness center near here. I have a personal trainer that I am working out with, and that is going well. The rest of the time I am playing basketball and that keeps me in good shape. I played with the Dallas Mustangs the last two years, but I have only played a couple of times with them this year. I play with a bunch of guys and we play all the time. I have not been to any camps this summer and I don't think I am going to be able to make it to any."

JH: You say you are lifting weights, so how is that going?

TP: "I have gained about seven pounds right now. I weigh about 192 and that is going to be good for me this season as I am looking to run with more power."

JH: Will the added strength help you this year?

TP: "I was used to running around people and this year I want to have the ability to just lower my head and run through people. I am trying to get bigger and stronger in my shoulders and upper arms."

JH: What is going on in recruiting?

TP: "I have been getting a lot of stuff from UPS from Texas. I thing I have received three UPS devliveries from Texas in the last week with hand-written letters in there. I am still hearing from Oklahoma State quite a bit, Texas A&M and Nebraska. I haven't really heard from Oklahoma since the end of school. Coach Gundy did come out and see me and he indicated to my coaches that they offered me a scholarship."

JH: So how is recruiting shaping up with you at this time?

TP: "I would say that Texas is now my No. 1 followed by Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and then Oklahoma. Oklahoma is probably fourth because they just signed Adrian Peterson. That may be their biggest drawback. I have always like Texas and I have always liked Austin. Texas is my No. 1 school for sure."

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