Q&A with Rhett Bomar

Oklahoma's freshman quarterback talks about his first month on campus and making the adjustment from high school to college football. (Photo by Matthew Nachtrieb)

JH: You have had OU stars like Mark Clayton, Dusty Dvoracek and Jason White sing you're praises about your work ethic. I would think that would mean you are off to a pretty good start at OU?

RB: "Yes, sir. That is good when those great guys say good things about you working hard. One of the main things, if you want to play up here, is that you have to work hard. There is no short cut to success at OU."

JH: As a freshman you start over with your career, so how do you go about getting accepted by the older players?

RB: "I think you just come up here and work hard. Guys respect you more when you just come up here and bust your butt and you try your best in the workouts. You do all the workouts and don't complain and don't say anything. Just work hard and keep your mouth shut. I think that is how guys learn to respect you."

JH: So, if you work hard everybody will take notice of that?

RB: "That is exactly right. It has been that way on any sports team I have ever been on, but especially true at a great program like Oklahoma."

JH: Has it been a huge eye opener for you on just how hard the players work at OU?

RB: "Yeah, the workouts are tough, and you see that as soon as you get here. Not just anybody can come in and do these workouts. You have to be focused everyday, and day-in-and-day-out to come in here and do these workouts. The running in Coach Schmidt's program is not easy, but it is just something that you have to do, so you have to go get it done."

JH: Since you are going through it for the first time, how would you describe Coach Schmidt's running program?

RB: "It is tough, but I guess that is expected. I enjoy lifting weights and doing all that stuff, but it is not easy. You have to get your mind right or you might not finish it, and that is every day. You have to be ready to go every day."

JH: You had a hamstring injury coming out of high school baseball, so how is your hammy doing?

RB: "My hamstring is fine. I pulled it in baseball and it was still hurt when I came up here the first of June. In about a week-and-a-half I was doing everything full speed. I have been fine every since."

JH: I always hear amazing stories when rookies go through their first running session with Coach Schmidt. Do you have any personal stories that you would like to tell us about your first running session?

RB: "I don't, I really don't. It is an eye opener, but I didn't throw-up or anything. I haven't thrown-up this summer yet and I am kind of happy about that. I really don't throw-up much working out. I never have done that, and that is a good thing."

JH: Have you started to bond with your offensive linemen in the weight room yet?

RB: "I am doing well in the weight room, but I only have two offensive linemen in my group. So, I really haven't had a chance to workout with the offensive line. I am doing well in the weight room. I enjoy lifting weights, and it is a step-up from high school. We do more things here and we get every muscle involved and I am enjoying it. I am getting stronger."

JH: What has been your impression of the seven-on-seven drills at OU?

RB: "I am enjoying them. I am getting out there learning and getting my reps in. It is fun because I am calling my own plays now and learning things pretty good. Things are coming pretty easy and they are not that hard for me. I am just getting out there and having fun."

JH: I have noticed at those drills that you talk to Jason White after every play as well as the receiver who caught the ball the defensive backs involved in the play. What are you trying to learn when you also talk to the wide receivers and the defensive backs on each play?

RB: "I want to know everything that happens on each particular play. I can find out a lot of stuff by talking to the receivers and DBs, especially when it comes to what is going on in the passing game. This is especially true of the older guys like Mark Clayton, who you can ask what is going on and what he saw from the defense on each particular play. That can help a quarterback out a lot."

JH: What has been your impression of the talent level that you see at the skill positions at OU?

RB: "It is amazing how everybody here is real talented at the receiver position and the DBs. The whole defense is so fast and everything happens so quickly. There are a bunch of great players out there on that field."

JH: Are you throwing the ball petty well in your opinion?

RB: "Yeah, I feel like I am. Whenever I get in there and get my reps, I feel I am throwing alright."

JH: All the freshmen are here now, so you are getting to know them all. What has been your impression of the freshman class so far?

RB: "They are a bunch of good guys and good players. Many of us were here at the beginning of summer and the rest of them got here after the fourth (of July). The three receivers came in at that time and they have been doing well during the workouts. They are good athletes, and I think our freshman class is going to be a good one. I am looking forward to spending the next four or five years with these guys."

JH: You and Adrian Peterson showed up at the same time, so what has been your impression of him?

RB: "I like AD. He is a good guy and a great athlete. He is real fast and strong. I think he is going to be a great player."

JH: You are rooming with Brett Bowers. Are you two staying out of trouble?

RB: "Yeah, we are staying out of trouble. We are both pretty busy with workouts and work."

JH: What has been your impression of college life thus far?

RB: "I am really looking forward to the start of school. College life has been fun so far - being up here on your own where you can do what you want and that kind of stuff. I am not going to any classes because that cost money when you are not on scholarship, so I am not doing that. I have been having some fun so far, and I am looking forward to the start of school."

JH: Are you looking forward to two-a-days?

RB: "I am looking forward to when practice actually starts and I get to get out there on that field with the whole offense and run some plays. That will be fun."

JH: What are your expectations as you go into two-a-days?

RB: "My expectations are to go in there and do my best. I want to compete with everybody and try to impress everybody. I just want to work hard and compete."

Note: Bomar says he has already put on six pounds at OU and that he currently weighs 211 pounds. Bomar says he bench pressed 225 pounds 15 times during his first test period in Norman.

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