Q&A: Peterson says summer workouts paying off

Oklahoma true freshman running back Adrian Peterson (pictured left during the U.S. Army All-American game) talks about his progress during workouts and what he needs to work out to get playing time next season. (Photo by Joe Mitchell)

JH: Have the workouts been what you expected or have you been caught off guard by anything?

AD: "I wouldn't say that I have been caught off guard by anything. The workout is a killer and you have to be ready for it mentally. I have done pretty well though."

JH: What has been the biggest adjustment that you have had to make thus far?

AD: "My biggest adjustment is being on schedule with all the things we have going. Everything is at a certain time and you can't be late, so that is something that I haven't always had to do. Just getting on a schedule and sticking to it is a big difference."

JH: I heard you had great success during your first testing period. What were your numbers?

AD: "I ran the forty once and I ran a 4.41. They said I didn't need to run it anymore after that one. On the bench I think they put 245 on there and I think I did 15 reps. I don't know what that ads up to as far as a max goes."

JH: What was the max that you did out of high school?

AD: "The highest I was able to get to in high school was 330 pounds."

JH: How have you handled Coach Schmidt's running workouts?

AD: "The first day my knees locked up on me. I came on a Tuesday and on Wednesday we get a little break. I needed it that first week. I got a little break and my legs got a rest. Running is really all a mental thing, because it is so hard. If you are not strong-minded then you are going to want to quit. If you come in mentally prepared for it then you can finish it. I came to camp mentally prepared to do whatever I have to do. I can handle it."

JH: You came to OU early to learn the offense so that you could give a maximum effort to win the RB job during two-a-days. What kind of progress are you making learning the offense?

AD: "I am making good progress right now. There is a lot to learn and I am learning it bit-by-bit right now. During the pass skel we are just working on the passing game and we are not doing any running plays. I am getting the blocking schemes down and they have a few plays for the running backs in the passing game. It is going well so far."

JH: All Sooner fans seem concerned whether you can block or not because you were a great runner in high school, but we didn't see you block much. Are you a good blocker?

AD: "I am not worried about it. I really didn't block that much in high school because I ran the ball a lot. I feel like I will get it down. Whatever it takes and whatever they tell me to do I am going to do it. I am going to go full-speed and get the block. Once I learn where I am going it is not going to be nothing really."

JH: How much is it going help you in your quest to be the starting RB at OU by going through the summer workouts?

AD: "It is going to help me a lot. Since I have been here, I have been going through all the workouts. I feel like if I would have stayed at home and came in August I would have been lost. I am very glad that I came this early. I feel that going through this summer workout is going to better my chances."

JH: Two-a-days are right around the corner. How optimistic are you that you are going to be successful your freshman year?

AD: "I feel that I am going to do pretty well. I just want to get out there and see."

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