RECRUITING: Mesquitte, Texas LB makes a decision

Will talented Mesquitte, Texas LB Aaaron Harris wear a burnt orange or crimson uniform in college?


JH: I am hearing that you have committed to Texas, is that true?

AH: Yes, my parents and I talked it over and they felt that if I really knew what I wanted to do, then it was time for me to go ahead and get things over with. have been leaning to Texas the whole time and since they had a scholarship for me I went ahead and committed to them.

JH: Last week you felt strongly that you wanted to take at least three visits, did Texas strongly suggest that you go ahead and commit or did you just feel that you wanted to get your decision out of the way?

AH: No, Texas didn't put any pressure on me, but they did tell me they would like for me to go ahead and get on board. However, I didn't have to commit to them Saturday to have a scholarship with them. Again, I just felt it was the right thing to do.

JH: Was it hard to tell the other coaches no?

AH: It was hard to tell Coach (Brent) Venables at Oklahoma no, because I have become friends with him. However, he was very nice and told me that I didn't owe him anything. I understand that, but still he is a great coach and I have enjoyed dealing with him.

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