RECRUITING: Clayton excited to play defense at OU

Sulphur Springs, Texas safety Keenan Clayton talks about his commitment to Oklahoma and the rumors that he waited for an offer from Texas before pulling the trigger.

It has been well-known for a month that Sulphur Springs, Texas safety Keenan Clayton from Sulphur Springs, Texas has been a heavy lean to OU. And for the past week, it seemed inevitable that he would commit to OU. However, for one reason or another he waited until Wednesday to pull the trigger.

"I really had my mind made up a long time ago, but tried to hold out because I was hoping to play in the Army All-American game in San Antonio and I thought I had to announce there," said Clayton from his home Wednesday afternoon. "Then I talked to a reporter (on a rival network not The Insiders), at the seven-on-seven camp and he said that I said that the only reason I had not committed was because I was waiting on an offer from Texas. That is an absolute lie and that reporter is a liar. That guy never got that from me and he totally made that up. I thought if people were going to make up lies about me then I should go ahead and commit, because I didn't want OU to get the wrong idea."

So why has Clayton always liked OU?

"I have always loved my visits to OU and I just love their team," said Clayton. "They always have a great team, they are always winning, they have a great coaching staff and OU always plays great defense. OU has a great winning tradition and I am looking forward to keepng it going."

OU has two safeties that are potential All-American's this year. One is a senior and the other is a junior that many feel if he comes out for the draft he could be a first round draft pick. Those factors certainly didn't go unnoticed by Clayton.

"I certainly thought about the fact that OU always has great safeties and that they might lose both of their safeties this year," said Clayton. "Plus, we run almost the same defense they run at OU and I don't think it is going to be much of an adjustment for me to learn their defense."

Clayton said that he chose OU over LSU, Texas A&M and the rest of the Big 12.

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