RECRUITING: Jenks coach wasn't expecting decision

Jenks Head Coach Alan Trimble talks his star defensive end's — Brian Pickryl — commitment to Texas

Yes, Jenks defensive end Bryan Pickryl (6-5, 225, 4.5) did commit to the University of Texas tonight. Not only did his decision catch this reporter by surprise, but it surprised his head coach and coaches from Missouri, Michigan and Oklahoma.

"I saw Bryan this morning and he told me that he thought he had reached a decision," said Jenks Head Coach Alan Trimble. "I wasn't expecting anything today, but knowing Bryan as I do I just expect anything from him, really. He told me that he wanted to go to Texas and that he was scheduled to meet with coaches from Michigan at 10:00 a.m. and Missouri at 10:30 am., and he wanted to get a hold of them and tell them not to come by. Bryan didn't want to waste their time."

"You have to understand that I grew up an Oklahoma fan and I am still a diehard Oklahoma fan. It hurts me when a great in-state player like Bryan doesn't go to OU," Trimble continued.

"You have to understand that Bryan is getting a great opportunity. Second, he beats to his own drum and that can't be ignored. Bryan is a great team player, but he is a different guy than most of the players on the team. Third, Texas has a great environmental engineering program and that is what Bryan wants to study. Finally, Texas is a pretty good program and they play an outstanding brand of football."

Another major factor is that Pickryl is not a native Okie. His father played college football at UCLA and Pickryl was not born in Oklahoma. He has ties in several different areas including Austin, where family on his mother's side lives.

Finally, it is not clear cut that Oklahoma was second here. Pickryl loved his early visit to Missouri and he really liked Tiger Head Coach Gary Pinkel. Pinkel was the Missouri coach scheduled to see Pickryl Monday morning and he stuck around the Jenks area so that he could still talk to Pickryl Monday night.

No matter how you look at it this is a tough loss for OU. Pickryl is the number one player in the state and he has committed to arch-rival Texas. OU can recover if they sign Larry Dibbles, but that is still a big if and if they sign Dibbles, Michael Williams and Zach Latimer you won't even remember that Pickryl signed with Texas.

However, for the moment Sooner fans this one hurts!

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