OU still in the hunt for America's No. 1 prospect?

America's top recruit -- Greenbelt, Maryland receiver Derrick Williams -- talks about the recent rumors that Penn State is his leader and if the Sooners are still in line for an official visit.

Derrick Williams, WR, 6-0, 193, 4.3, GREENBELT (ELEANOR ROOSEVELT HS), MARYLAND:

JH: How is your summer going?

DW: "I have been working out in the evenings, but for the most part I have been concentrating on summer school because I want to get out of school early. Summer school is going well and this going to allow me to graduate at semester."

JH: Has it always been your gameplan to graduate early?

DW: "I guess pretty much since I have been at Roosevelt my freshman year I knew that I wanted to graduate early. The biggest reason why I want to get out early is because, academically, I can get a head start on my degree and I can get as much as 24 hours ahead by going early. From a football standpoint, I am going to be ahead of the game, especially if I sign with a team going to a bowl because I would get to workout with them right away and maybe even go to the bowl."

JH: How are your workouts going?

DW: "I am the same size and right now I am getting more reps at wide receiver. I am playing quarterback at Roosevelt, but I just want to get some reps at receiver because that is what I am going to play in high school."

JH: How is everything going in recruiting?

DW: "I haven't been anywhere this summer. We narrowed our choices down to 15 schools and everything is going well right now. I am still considering Oklahoma, Florida State, Penn State, Florida, USC, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Texas, Ohio State, North Carolina State, Tennessee and Kansas State (all he could remember).

JH: Do you have a top five at the moment?

DW: "Right now I don't have a top five. That 15 is the schools that I have a good relationship with. And after talking with them again in September, I will try to narrow my choices down to five."

JH: What do you think about Oklahoma at this time?

DW: "Oklahoma is a great school and they are at the top of my list right now. I know that I am going to visit OU."

JH: OU graduates six receivers after this year. Do you look at the depth chart of various teams at wide receiver or doesn't it matter to you at all who is coming back at receiver?

DW: "I look at the depth chart, but I am not really paying attention to who graduates. You can't help by notice that OU is graduating six receivers and the wide receiver position would be wide open if I signed with them."

JH: There has been another report that you are a lean to Penn State. Is that true?

DW: "Right now I have a great interest in Penn State, but I am not leaning to them. I am not going to say I am leaning towards anybody right now until I narrow my 15 schools down to five. I am not leaning to Penn State."

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