RECRUITING: Texas DE becomes OU's ninth commitment

Canadian, Texas defensive end Auston English talks about his game and his commitment to Oklahoma. English chose the Sooners over Oklahoma State.

Auston English, DE, 6-3, 220, 4.65, CANADIAN, TEXAS:

JH: Talk about your commitment to OU.

AE: "I have been thinking for some time, but I just didn't want to let the cat out the bag too early. I knew where I wanted to go for some time to a certain extent. The past couple of weeks I was still thinking about Oklahoma State a little bit and until I could say that it was Oklahoma -- and just Oklahoma -- I had to sit back a little bit. I talked to the OU coaches today and that put me over the over the hump. I knew where I wanted to go and that was Oklahoma, where I know I am going to be challenged to the fullest."

JH: OU always has very good defensive ends, so talk about how you feel you will fit into that group in the future?

AE: "I just think they have the right coaches up there that will mold me into however they want me to play. I am an aggressive player and I am a good listener, and I think I am a player that is easily coached. So, however they want me to play is how I will play."

JH: Aren't you a very good pass rusher off the edge for your high school team?

AE: "In our defense I am used coming off the edge. I think I can adapt to any kind of offensive scheme."

JH: What did you think of the recruiting process?

AE: "It was real interesting and I liked it a lot. When I was a little kid I looked up to all kinds of college kids and I wondered what went on in their life. Now, I will get a chance to live that life a little bit and that is fantastic. I thought it was interesting to hear what all the coaches had to say and what they said about their teams and programs. I thought it was great what they were saying about me."

JH: Is Canadian, Texas close to Norman?

AE: "Canadian is three to four hours away. We have a sister that lives in Edmond, so I have been in Oklahoma and the surrounding area quite a bit."

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