RECRUITING: Shooting guard gives OU high marks

Amarillo, Texas shooting guard Austin Johnson talks about his game and interest in Oklahoma.

Austin Johnson, G, 6-5, AMARILLO, TEXAS:

JH: Are you at a camp or at some tournament at the moment?

AJ: "I am playing in the Tom Tietz Tournament in Kansas City, Missouri. We played today and we won by 15 points. I had 14 points in the game or something like that."

JH: What are you averaging this summer?

AJ: "I am not really for sure, but I am having a good summer. I don't like at my average that much. I think I am averaging close to 20 points or around there."

JH: How would you describe your game?

AJ: "I like to shoot the three and I like to dunk a lot. I like to get the ball and get up the ball quick. I don't like a slow-paced game, I like a fast pace game. I like to the ball in the open court and get up and get to the hoop. I can shoot the three in the half court or I can pull up and shoot it off the break. I like to go to the hoop, but if the defense isn't on me real tight then I like to shoot the three. The tighter they are on me then the more I like to drive to the hoop where I can dish it or take it straight to the basket."

JH: How is recruiting stacking up for you at the moment?

AJ: "I would have say OU, Texas Tech, USC, Arizona and Kansas. I am only talking to Kansas a little and not that much. Also, I would add Texas A&M.

JH: What do you think of Oklahoma at this time?

AJ: "Oklahoma is up at the top of my list. When I went to Norman I liked it a lot. I like the coaches and players and I think it is a great place to play. They are very high on my list right now, but I really don't have a No. 1 because I haven't seen all the schools that I want to see. I would say that they are going to be one of my top two choices."

JH: How do you feel you would fit into Oklahoma's style of play?

AJ: "I think I would fit in real well. Coach Sampson told me that he would rather his teams run with the ball more and not run as many plays. He said he likes players that can break down a defense one-on-one, and that is what I do best."

JH: Besides OU, who have you visited unofficially this summer?

AJ: "I have been to OU, TCU and Texas Tech. Out of those three schools I have liked OU the best."

JH: Do you plan to take any more unofficial visits?

AJ: "I plan to get to Arizona and USC sometime in September, but they will be unofficial visits."

JH: Who will you take your official visits with?

AJ: "I will probably take an official visit to Arizona, USC, OU and Texas Tech."

JH: Will you sign during the early signing period?

AJ: "I think so. I hope I sign in the early signing period. I want to go ahead and get it over with. Once I take my visits, I am probably going to decide then."

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