RECRUITING: Edmond's Smith wrapping up busy summer

Edmond, Okla. defensvie back Reggie Smith recaps his summer visits and has some interesting comments regarding just where he stands with Oklahoma.

Reggie Smith, FS, 6-0, 192, 4.5, Edmond (Sante Fe High School), Oklahoma:

JH: How are your summer workouts going?

RS: "They are going pretty fine. We just went through our 14 days of commitment and it was easier for me than it was in past years. We get up at 6:30 (AM) and either run or lift first. And then in our running we doing a ton of different sprints."

JH: Where did you wind up visiting this summer?

RS: "I went to OU, OSU and went to the USC camp, but also visited UCLA while I was out there. I went to junior days at Texas A&M and went to the Kansas State Purple and White game. I am just looking at the different campus, and they have all been impressive. I learned some different techniques at different schools and they are different. I learned some different stuff and USC than I did at Nebraska. It is interesting to see which technique works for me."

JH: What did you pick up from the different camps and the different schools?

RS: "Each camp has a different type of intensity to it. Some are laid back, and I like that because that is how I am. Then some are always hooping and hollering, and I don't mind that as well. OU is somewhere in the middle. I was only there a half the day, but I have been there before and they have a great camp."

JH: How is recruiting going at this point?

RS: "It is going pretty easy. I just going with the flow. I am just reading some mail and trying to read up some more on these schools. At this point all the schools that have offered me are still in it. I am still searching for what I want in a college. I am still looking at depth charts, and I am still trying to decide if I want to redshirt my first year or not."

JH: It is safe to say that the schools you have a real interest in at this time are the schools that you visited this summer?

RS: "Yeah, it is safe to stay that. They would be ahead of Notre Dame, because I didn't get a chance to go and see Notre Dame."

JH: What do you think about Oklahoma at this point?

RS: "It is nice to see they are putting together a great class. I know they have received some commitments at wide receiver that are great, and I know they have also picked up a couple of safeties. So, I want to find out where they think they are going to play me, because I thought they wanted to play me at safety."

JH: Do you still want to play safety?

RS: "I think that is where I would feel the most comfortable, but some schools are recruiting me to play corner. Those schools like my size because the wide receivers are getting so big."

JH: There are those that feel you are a close to committing to Nebraska, is that true?

RS: "No, not at all. I like Nebraska, but not any more than any other school."

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