RECRUITING: Lofton has a leader in mind

Kingfisher, Okla. linebacker Curtis Lofton talks about his upcoming visits and plans for a possible decision.

Curtis Lofton, LB, 6-2, 225, 4.6, Kingfisher, Oklahoma:

JH: How is your summer going?

CL: "I would consider my summer pretty good I guess. I have been pretty busy. I haven't really had much time to just relax or go on vacation. That hasn't really disappointed me, because I know if I didn't do what I was doing then there would be another player doing it who would eventually beat me or get my scholarship."

JH: Have you managed to get bigger, stronger and faster?

CL: "I am bigger — 6-3, 235 now. And I would say that I would still run a consistent 4.6 in the forty, but I would hit 4.5 or 4.58 in the forty every once in a while. My bench has gone up 40 pounds this year to 315 pounds. So, those results have pleased me, but not satisfied me. I want to improve some more, and I will continue to work hard in trying to do so."

JH: Have you enjoyed recruiting this summer?

CL: "I have enjoyed it to a certain point. After a while it kind of gets old and a little annoying."

JH: Are you close to making a decision?

CL: "Yes, I am. I am flying out to Miami August 1st and I get back on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, I am going to visit OSU and I am going to OU tomorrow. After I get back from OSU I am going to take a week off from talking to coaches and then I will make my decision."

JH: Is it down to OU, OSU and Miami?

CL: "I would say there are five schools right now that have a chance. That would be OU, OSU, Miami, Kansas State and Notre Dame."

JH: Is OU and OSU still at the top of your list?

CL: "I would say I have a top two in Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, but it wouldn't be shocking if I decided to go out of state."

JH: Is there a leader between OU and OSU?

CL: "They are still about the same."

JH: You went to OU recently with Ben Barresi. What was that all about? Were your surprised that he committed to OU that day?

CL: "He is a good friend of mine and I went there to support him. His dad played there and that was where he really wanted to go, and I thought that was best for him to do."

JH: So you are saying that right now that neither OU nor OSU has any kind of lead on the other at this point?

CL: "One school really does, but I want to keep that to myself."

JH: OK, tell me what you think of OU and OSU at this time?

CL: "About Oklahoma State — they have a family atmosphere, great coaching staff and great facilities. They make you feel like you are at home. At Oklahoma, they made it to the National Championship the year before. They also have a great coaching staff and their facilities are second to none."

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