RECRUITING: Justus says it's a two-team race

Will the Sooners make the cut for the outstanding tight end from Perry?


JH: I know you got hurt, what type of injury is it exactly?

CJ: I broke the little bone in my leg, broke my ankle and dislocated my ankle. I had surgery on both and they put a pin in my ankle and two screws in my leg.

JH: How did the injury occur?

CJ: I caught a pass over the middle and one guy hit me low and then two other guys hit me high and as I was going down my leg didn't move. We were playing on grass, but the turf didn't give at all. When I hit the ground I was in real pain. I could see my ankle laying off to the side and I knew that it was going to be real bad.

JH: Are you still on crutches?

CJ: I am still on crutches and I probably will be for the next five weeks. I am still lifting weights on my upper body and I am just waiting for my leg and ankle to heal. I will have my cast on for six to eight weeks and then start doing rehab. They expect a full recovery. I will definitely redshirt my first year in college so that I can get my body back to 100 percent.

JH: Has anybody changed in recruiting because of the injury?

CJ: This hasn't changed recruiting at all. Everybody has told me not to worry about and it and that I still have a scholarship with them.

JH: Who have you visited thus far and what is up in the future?

CJ: I have visited UCLA and Michigan so far. I am going to OU this weekend and Miami the weekend after that. OU and Miami are still my two favorite schools, so the next two weeks are very important. I hope to announce where I am going after I get back from Miami.

JH: Throughout the recruiting process you have been a slight lean to Miami, is that still the case?

CJ: I am not really leaning anywhere anymore. OU and Miami are neck-and-neck at this point. I am just going to see how these next two visits play out and then I am going to talk everything over with my family. My family is going to support me wherever I go. They just want me to find the best school for me.

JH: Oklahoma is talking about playing more of a traditional tight end set more often than they have in the past, does that appeal to you?

CJ: Yea, a little bit, it certainly does.

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