RECRUITING: Matua schedules visits

Are the Sooners lucky enough to get a visit from this outstanding defensive tackle from Los Angeles?


JH: How did you do this season?

FM: We finished our season 6-4 and lost in the first round of the playoffs. I played pretty well. I finished with 10 sacks and 42 tackles. I also had one interception at our ten-yard line and I got caught at midfield. Those fast wide receivers got me.

JH: How does it feel to be regarded as one of the top players in the country?

FM: You can only be thankful for it and feel privileged that people think I am among the best. It's a great honor and I just hope those thoughts continue on in college. If people feel that you are one of the best players then that means that people feel that you are doing pretty well.

JH: How is recruiting going?

FM: I have set up all five of my visits. I am going to Arizona State (12-7), USC (12-14), UCLA (1-11), Notre Dame (1-18) and Hawaii (1-24). I have ruled out Oklahoma this point. I liked Oklahoma for the longest time, but then one day I woke up and didn't feel real good about them anymore.

JH: Are you leaning anywhere?

FM: I am leaning towards staying in the area at either UCLA or USC. I didn't grow up watching college football. I grew up watching pro teams.

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