RECRUTING: Carrollton DB is ready to go

The latest on Carrollton, Texas defensive back Michael Hawkins


JH: How did you season go?

MH: We went out in the second round of the playoffs, losing to Trinity. I don't know how many tackles that I had, but I did intercept three passes and I did cause one fumble. I returned three kicks for about 200 yards in returns and I had two catches, one for a touchdown.

JH: You are committed to OU, have the coaches been in to see you recently?

MH: Coach (Bob) Stoops and Coach (Cale) Gundy came by to see me the other day. I almost forgot about it. I went to a different restaurant from where I was supposed to meet them. Then when I came back to the school I was getting an announcement that I was supposed to go to the fieldhouse and then I remembered that I was supposed to visit them. From that point on everything was great.

While they were hear they started watching film on Abner Estrado, who is offensive lineman that plays here. He is one tough guy and just drives defensive linemen into the ground. He is visiting Miami this weekend and they want him bad. USC does as well. I think OU is going to start recruiting him.

JH: Are you getting everything in order to come in and make an impact at OU?

MH: I am getting everything worked out. I got my test back and I have qualified. Now, I am just working on playing OU's cornerback position. I pretty much shut down both sides of the field in high school, but I know it won't be that easy in college. I will work hard and do my best.

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