RECRUITING: San Fran juco LB has a leader

San Francisco juco linebacker Pasha Jackson talks about OU and his visit to Arizona last weekend


JH: How did your visit to Arizona go?

PJ: It went real well. It was very short as I really had only one day to spend because of our schedule. They packed everything in they could and we had a good visit.

JH: What did you like and dislike about Arizona?

PJ: At first I didn't feel it was very diverse population, but the more time I spent there I realized that wasn't the case. In many ways it was like Oklahoma and their education is solid. They have a good Biology department and I like the weather. I liked the players and coaches and I was there during their awards banquet and I enjoyed that. They don't play as good defensively as Oklahoma or USC, but that is OK, because that is why they are trying to recruit me to get better.

JH: How does your recruiting stack up?

PJ: I would say that Oklahoma is still my leader. I have to think higher of Arizona now that I have been there.. I have a hard time doing that at the other schools. I would have to say that USC is in the picture, because of my opportunity to play. They have a similar situation to what Oklahoma has.

JH Are you still going to take one more visit?

PJ: My last visit is still to be decided. It was supposed to be South Carolina, but I am having a hard time scheduling a visit. So, now I am trying to decide what to do and I might not even take it.

JH: Will you make your decision soon?

PJ: I will decide in the next two or three weeks.

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