RECRUITING: FS drawing Roy Williams comparrisons

Alexandria, Louisiana free safety Nic Harris update.


Nic Harris is the type of athlete that explodes on your conscious and stays there for days. He is so talented that opponents talk about his games for weeks. A very versatile athlete, Harris could play any number of positions, but he loves to play in the secondary.

"I am a free safety at heart," said Harris. "I am not a Roy Williams type or a Sean Taylor type, I am just a Nic Harris type. A lot of reporters try to compare me to those great players, but I just play the game and play it as good as I can."

A four-year starter, Harris started his freshman year at running back and that continued into his sophomore year. Then last year Harris moved to wide receiver and free safety, and that will be his position for this season.

"The way I look it if my offensive team won't throw me the ball, then I will get the other team to throw me the ball when I am on defense," said Harris chuckling. "I am going to get somebody to throw me the ball. I will do whatever I can do to help the team. The coaches know what they are talking about and they feel I am better at wide receiver or in the secondary, so I must be better at those positions."

Harris can bench 275 pounds, squats 405 and he has posted a 36-inch vertical jump. Harris went to the NIKE camp at LSU and to the MSL camp at SMU. He also visited Texas A&M and LSU unofficially.

Harris has been offered by 22 schools at this point, but he has a solid group that he is interested in.

"I still have an interest in any school that has an interest in me," said Harris. "I can list a couple of schools that stand out, but I really don't have any order right now. I would say that LSU, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Michigan and Miami standout to me right now."

So what does he like about the Sooners?

"Oklahoma's program is top notch. It doesn't get too much better than Oklahoma. They are always in the big show and they are consistently in the big game. I enjoy talking to their coaches, but I haven't seen their facilities or their campus. I am sure that they are among the best in the Big 12."

"My options are open," Harris continued. "I am not going to be biased and say that I am just going to stay in-state just to stay in-state. I am going to go where it is the best for me. I realize there is life after football and I have to consider that as well. So a lot of thought has to go into this decision."

Harris has qualified and is an excellent student doing welling in honor curriculum courses.

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