RECRUITING: Will Youngblood visit Oklahoma?

The Lone Star state's top offensive line prospect says he knows two school's he'll visit officially. Did the Sooners make the top two?

Reginald Youngblood, OL, 6-5, 280, 5.1, HOUSTON (WASHINGTON HS), TEXAS:

JH: How did your summer go?

RY: "I accomplished everything that I set out to accomplish. I didn't really set any fixed goals, but I just wanted to get stronger, and that is exactly what I did. I am 6-5, 280, and I have put on about 20 pounds this summer. I got sick last year and lost some weight. I have put the weight back on and put it on in a better fashion."

JH: Did you visit any school unofficially this summer or go to any summer camps?

RY: "I went to the LSU camp in June, but I didn't participate in it. That visit was more like an unofficial visit that a camp. That was the only school I could make it up to."

JH: How is practice going?

RY: "We had two-a-days last week and we are into our regular practice right now. I am working at left tackle and practice is going very well for us at this point."

JH: What is going on in recruiting with you at this time?

RY: "It is the same old stuff really, nothing too major. Nothing has really changed. I am still considering LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, Miami, Florida State, Tennessee and Nebraska. I have not set up any official visits yet, but I know I want to visit Oklahoma for sure. I am definitely going to visit Oklahoma and Miami for sure. As for the other schools, I am still trying to decide who to visit."

JH: You have always been high on OU, so what is it about the Sooners that you seem to like so much?

JH: "I love the winning tradition and they compete for the National Championship every year. I want to go to a school where I will have to compete to be a better player every day. And at OU, they make you a better player every day."

JH: Do you pay attention to depth charts at each school?

RY: "I pay attention to the depth chart. I know that Oklahoma needs tackles and the schools I am considering need offensive tackles. I would say that LSU is the school that has some pretty good depth at offensive tackle right now."

JH: Are you going to come up to any games in Norman this year?

RY: "I may make my official visit on one of the games. I will have to check my schedule and see how everything falls."

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