HOOPS RECRUITING: Griffin says OU is a perfect fit

Edmond, Okla. forward Taylor Griffin (pictured left) says he's a Sooner. Griffin talks about his his commitment to Oklahoma.


JH: I understand that you have made a decision tonight?

TG: "That is true. I talked to Coach (Kelvin) Sampson and told him I wanted to commit and he said he was glad to have me."

JH: When I talked to you a few days ago you thought you needed to take a couple of visits, so what changed your mind?

TG: "I sat down with my family a couple of nights ago and today to talk about schools. We talked about where the best situation would be for me, and when we looked at everything I really didn't need to think about it anymore. I knew where the best was for me, and that was Oklahoma."

JH: You mentioned that OU was the best situation for you. Why do you feel that way?

TG: "It is Oklahoma's style of play and the way that Coach Sampson coaches. He has recruited hard-nosed players that play hard and he wins with them. They are not always the most talented players, but they always play with a lot of guts and determination and he wins with them. I like that style of play and I want to be part of a winner."

JH: You are considered a very skilled big man. Do you feel that you will be considered that way at OU?

TG: "I definitely think my skills will explode when I can constantly start working out with college guys and their trainers. I think my skills are good, but they can always get better. Coach Sampson wouldn't want me if he didn't feel like my skills were pretty good. I think once I get to OU my skill level will pick up and I will be able to make an impact on the OU team."

JH: Is OU going to be the only school that you visit?

TG: "Yes. OU will definitely be the only school that I visit. I am not sure what date that will be, but it will be on a weekend that I can hang out with the players and get to know them a little better, and to give me a chance to get to know the coaches a little bit better."

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