RECRUITING: Texas OL still committed after visit

Andrews, Texas OL Jeff Lebby talks about his visit and how other recruits felt about their trip to Norman

JEFF LEBBY, OL, 6'5, 270, 5.0, ANDREWS, TEXAS:

JH: Did you enjoy your visit?

"It went really, really well. I had a great time and I got to know a lot of the players. That was the best part of the whole trip, just to hang out with some of the guys already on the team. Wes Sims, Russell Dennison, Jared Fields and many of the other guys who are just great guys and a lot of fun to be with."

JH: What did you do on the visit?

"Bubba picked up me, Poole and Thibdodeaux at the airport and really got to know each other really well on that ride to OU. Poole's parents was with us and they were a lot of fun. I knew who they were and they knew who we were. It was great to hang around guys like that."

"Most of our time was usually taken up throughout the day with academic stuff. I met with Coach Stoops Saturday afternoon and then had a great lunch. I tried to take a nap Saturday afternoon, because I knew that I was going to have a big Saturday night. Then we watch the game and had a great time."

JH: What are your thoughts about OU adding Jason Carter and Brodney Poole to your recruiting class?

"Hey, put (Calvin) Thibdodeaux on that list as well. I know he had to go to work when he got back to Houston, but I am positive that he committed to OU as well. That is great, because all three of those guys are super people and I hear they are great players.

JH: How well do you know Justin Blalock?

"Justin and I go way back. We have known each other for a long time. We get along very well and we talk on the phone quite a bit. He gave me some great vibes about OU and I think we have a great chance at getting him, but he is far from making a decision. Selvyn seemed very, very positive as well."

JH: Do you feel better about the OU OL coaching situation?

"I have faith in Coach (Bob) Stoops and the coaching staff. I know they are going to go out and do a great job to find the best guy they can find. I am very excited about who they are going to bring in."

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