Will Dibbles team with Harris on OU's d-line?

The Lonestar state's top defensive line prospect talks about his visit to Norman and the possibility of playing alongside Tommie Harris


JH: How did your visit go to OU?

"Smooth visit. It was my first official visit and it was definitely a learning experience. I came away pretty satisfied. As usual, I was impressed with the Sooners. I got my questions answered about their academic program as far as the engineering program. I can't say it was the best, or awesome or anything, because I don't have anything to compare it with."

JH: What was positive and negative about the visit?

"Nothing but pro's came out of this visit, no con's. If there are any con's with the visit it is that Oklahoma is not in Texas. However, OU is the same distance from my house as UT is so that is no negative at all."

JH: Who showed you around?

"My host was Tommie Harris. We had a prior relationship and it was great to get to know each other again. He answered a lot of questions and he was very informative. Overall it was a good visit with him and we could relate to each other because we play similar positions. Plus, I think I am going to be in the same situation that he was this year in that I believe that I will play as a freshman. So, he told me how things went for him and I learned a lot from him."

JH: What is next on your schedule?

"I go to Texas next week and I am going to Notre Dame (1-1).

JH: Speaking of Tommie showing you around, how about the possibility of the top two defensive linemen from the state of Texas lining up side-by-side in the OU defense? Could that happen?

"Hey, I think that would be great. I had a chance to sit down with Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright and he showed me some of the schemes they would use with me in the lineup. I can honestly say that I already know quite a bit about their defense. Hey, maybe if the fans really want me at OU, maybe Tommie and I playing along side each other can become a reality.

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