RECRUITING: Lofton talks about tonight's decision

Kingfisher, Okla. linebacker Curtis Lofton will decide tonight between the Sooners, Oklahoma State and KSU. Lofton, who will announce his decision live during the Oklahoma Sports Blitz telecast on Channel 9 this evening, spoke with this afternoon about what factors helped him reach his decision.

As Kingfisher, Okla. linebacker Curtis Lofton readies to make his announcement where he will play his college football, I just got off the phone with him to talk about the circumstances and factors that have determined his decision.

JH: What factors have gone into your decision? In other words, is it just football stuff, is it academics, emotions or friends and family?

CL: "It has been all of those things that you have mentioned. I have just prayed about it a lot and let my faith play a big role in it. I have made the best decision that I can make for me."

JH: What football program issues went into your decision?

CL: "I have considered who the linebacker coach is and how many players he has sent to the pros. I have looked at the national rank of the defense and how the linebackers are regarded within that ranking. I have looked at the quality of the program overall."

JH: Have you known you decision for a while now? Or have you changed your mind several times since you first came to that decision?

CL: "I made up my mind where I wanted to go when I got back from Miami. I knew when I returned home where I wanted to go. I have changed my mind several times or tried to. But when I get nervous about it I sit back and think hard about it, and I always come back to my main decision."

JH: Did facilities have anything to do with your decision?

CL: "Not really, because I can be comfortable at both schools."

JH: Have you talked to the coaches from either school recently?

CL: "No, I didn't talk to coaches from either school because I didn't want to be influenced in making my decision. I think I should talk to them at least one more time before I make my decision, so I will call coaches from both schools before I announce what I am going to do."

JH: Right now do you know where you want to?

CL: "Yes, I know where I want to go. But I am still looking over all the information I have on both schools so that I haven't missed anything that is important to me."

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