RECRUITING: Justus likes OU's new TE schemes

Perry tight end Curtus Justus talks about his visit to Norman last weekend and where the Sooners stand in his top three


JH: Tell us about your visit to Norman.

CJ: I liked it a lot. I had a lot better food up there this time because it was an official. I also had a chance to hang out with the players moreso than I have ever had the opportunity before. We had some steaks catered in the first night, then we went to the Outback Steak House for lunch on Saturday and to Coaches Restaurant for dinner.

JH: Did you learn anything about OU you didn't expect to heading into the visit?

CJ: No, not especially because everything that I knew before was really about the same. They told me they wanted to use the tight end more in the box now, which was good news to me. That is important to me, because it makes me a complete player from the tight end position and I want to be a complete player.

JH: Who was your host?
CJ: Lance Donley was my host. We went to a couple of parties and had a real good time.

JH: Where does OU stand with you after this visit?

CJ: They have always been at the top of my list and that hasn't change. I just want to make my last visit to Miami this weekend and then start to make my decision. I have a top three in Oklahoma, Miami and Michigan, and I will really take a close look at all of them when I get back from Miami.

JH: Would you say any of those three lead at this point?

CJ: No, I really don't have a leader. I just want to take all of these visits and then sit down with my family and talk things over.

JH: How did you finish your high school season, statistically?

CJ: I had 42 catches for 520 yards and seven touchdowns. On defense, I finished with 17 sacks. I was district Offensive Player of the Year.

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