Udofia: "I like Oklahoma a lot"

Scottsdale, Ariz. defensive tackle Ekom Udofia talks about his high school season and interest in Oklahoma.


JH: Has your season started yet?

EU: "We had a scrimmage last Thursday. This Friday is our first game. In the scrimmage our defense looked real solid and the offense was alright. We had a couple of busts and things, but up front we looked pretty good. I took twenty snaps total. The first three or four I pushed the center back and stuffed every play. After that I started to get double and triple teamed and that opened up the holes for the three-technique and the defensive ends to make all the plays."

JH: Are you going to play the nose or the three-technique this year?

EU: "I may play both, but I think I will be a three-technique in college."

JH: Who do you play this Friday?

EU: "We play Shadow Mountain this Friday. We are expected to win, but it is a game where if we come out lackadaisical and let them get momentum, then we could get into trouble. The game is at our place and we should be able to handle them."

JH: What schools do you plan to visit officially?

EU: "I am going to visit Miami, USC, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and LSU."

JH: Are you still visiting two other schools unofficially?

EU: "I will take unofficial visits to Arizona and Stanford. I am still considering seven schools at this time."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

EU: "No not really. I am still trying to sort everything out."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

EU: "I like Oklahoma a lot. I want to get down there so that I can talk to all the coaching staff and the strength and conditioning staff, so that I can get a feel of what it would actually be like to go to school there."

JH: Have you talked to OU Defensive Tackle Coach Jackie Shipp?

EU: "I have met him once and I like him a lot. He is nice to talk to because he asks a lot of questions and always wants to know what I am thinking. He doesn't try to tell me what I am thinking, and I like that. Coach Shipp seems real insightful, and that is nice to hear from a guy like him."

JH: When will you start your official visits?

EU: "I am going to my first visit next weekend. I am going to Stanford for my brother's first game."

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