RECRUITING: Oghobaase close to narrowing choices

Dallas, Texas defensive tackle Vince Oghobaase update.

Vince Oghobaase, DT, 6-6, 300, 5.2, ALIEF (HASTINGS HS) TEXAS:

JH: Are you guys ready for the season to start?

VO: "We have a football period that runs in late morning for about an hour every day. We watch film and go over scouting reports during that session. Then we go through two-a-days after school, but we go through a physical practice after school."

JH: I understand you have just got back from Church?

VO: "I just got back from Bible study. Church is a very big part of my life. You can't get anywhere without God."

JH: Have you played a game yet? And how good is your team going to be this season?

VO: "We just had a scrimmage last Saturday against Ft. Bend Austin High, and we did exceptionally good. The team chemistry is much better than last year. We don't have the individuals that we had last year. We don't have any players with any attitude or any players that think more about themselves than they do the team. We have a team this year that will play well.

"My preparation and our preparation were very good. We worked hard, ran hard and our conditioning has been outstanding. I am about 310 right now, so I gained about five pounds this summer. My bench is 360, squat 515 and power-clean 320.

JH: When do you play your first game?

VO: "We play this Friday against Hightower High. We beat them last year, but both teams are going to be better this year. We are an underdog going into the game, but I don't agree with that. We beat them 21-7 last year and we will see who the better team is this year."

JH: Are you still considering several teams in recruiting?

VO: "I really haven't narrowed my schools down or anything. I have been focusing on football and school, and I haven't narrowed my choices down. My parents and I will sit down in the next couple of weeks and narrow down our list. I think I can say that the schools that I will visit will be the schools that I visited this summer."

JH: What schools did you visit this summer?

VO: "I went to Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arizona, Miami, Florida, Duke, North Carolina, Stanford, UCLA, Texas A&M, and I went to LSU during the school year. Out of those schools I will pick my five schools that I want to visit."

JH: Will you visit Oklahoma?

VO: "All I want to say is that they are still in running and I want to keep it at that right now."

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