RECRUITING: Offer would interest Green

Conway, S.C. DT Hivera Green says he's be interested in playing on the offensive line at Oklahoma.

Hivera Green, OL/DT, 6-5, 268, 4.8, CONWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA:

JH: How did your summer go?

HG: "Things went great for me this summer. I weigh 268 right now and I got 225 pounds 17 times on my bench."

JH: Have you played a game yet and are you going both ways?

HG: "We have had two scrimmages and I am playing defensive end and left offensive tackle. I think I have been doing well. I think the scrimmages are for teaching and learning, and I think we accomplished a great deal in those scrimmages. I go both ways, but mainly on defense."

JH: How many schools have offered you at this point?

HG: "I have been offered by 20 schools?

JH: What schools do you like at this point?

HG: "Right now I would say Michigan, Florida and Virginia Tech are my top schools. Those schools are coming at me the hardest and all three have solid programs."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

HG: "I really like Oklahoma, and I don't have any regrets about liking OU. I don't have an offer from OU, so I am concentrating on those schools that are coming at me the hardest."

JH: If Oklahoma offers would you be interested in them?

HG: "Yes, if they offered I would get interested in OU."

JH: What if OU recruited you as an offensive lineman instead of a defensive lineman. Would that be OK with you?

HG: "Yes, sir. That would be great with me."

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